Jeremy Piven Quickly Becoming The Biggest Tool In The Box

March 27th, 2007 // 13 Comments


This bitch is Lord and Lady Douchebag all in one. Jeremy Piven’s recent restaurant attitude tantrum wasn’t his first one. Apparently, he got all huffy at a hostess on Valentine’s Day and made fun of her for working in a restaurant. Excuse me? And you are? Weren’t you in “Car 54, Where Are You?” What a donkey this guy is.

We told you on Sunday about allegations that Jeremy Piven had a falling-out with the manager of Matsuhisa in Aspen over his recent behavior at the restaurant. Now a source adds that the “Entourage” star had a similar showdown with a hostess at the restaurant off Vine in Hollywood. Piven, who did not have a reservation, was reportedly unhappy a table could not be found because the restaurant was booked solid on Valentine’s Day.

“Believe it or not, he used the ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ line,” laughs the source.

“He proceeded to berate [the hostess] about her treatment of him.” Piven allegedly left in a huff, “but not before slamming her about her working in a restaurant,” says the spy.

So YOU MAKE A RESERVATION, Little Lord Faunterloy. Like other humans? You big penis. I wouldn’t seat his whiny ass at a Denny’s.

By J. Harvey

  1. Es

    If this is true, he’s an arrogant asshole. Tell him to blow me where the pampers is!

  2. Grace

    Little Lord Fauntelroy! J.! You kill me! Hilarious!

  3. margaretta

    Gee, I and thought he was acting in Entourage…guess he can’t even act

  4. kelly

    “You big penis. I wouldn’t seat his whiny ass at a Denny’s.”

    Ha! I cackled when I read that. J., you make my day. All day. Every day. :D

  5. SmartyPants

    To work in a restaurant is a muchhighercalling than to be a whiny, arrogant ‘actor’.

  6. vigilante

    People! Please! How can you expect his hotness to make a reservation when he wasn’t sure if his favourite transvestite hooker was even going to be available for Valentine’s Day? I mean, come on…give Lord FancyPants a break!

  7. rootabega

    i cant believe he even goes out in public with that wig. ummmm…everyone knows you were bald in 1987, actually.

  8. No wonder John Cusack doesn’t like hanging out with him anymore.


  9. Denise

    I always thought he was funny, but now I’m beginning to see his act is no act. He is portraying himself on Entourage.

  10. Ashley

    I hate to be the one to do it…it’s Fauntleroy not Fauntelroy. Forgive the correction!

  11. Lord Mash

    Give him a break, he is obviously just a talented method actor who is so engrossed, it is difficult to switch off.

    And to be honest, why shouldn’t unhelpful waitresses be put in thier places. Surely they, being based in Hollywood – will have had training in how to deal with this type of situation?

    Basically, this waitress took it upon themselves to ‘level the playing field’ and Mr Pivan has mearly reminded this insolent person of thier place in society and how that conflicts with his own.

  12. Loob

    Jeremy, please! You’re making it so hard to love you! You’re killing our relationship!

    Dang. I had always thought he was so adorable.
    It seems now, that he’s just another asshole.
    A desperate, whiny, fame-junkie asshole.

  13. JP

    Snap! You work at Denny’s? Can you get me a discount?!?

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