Jeremy Piven Off The Hook For Now, ‘Mercury Poisoning’ It Is

Well, that was easy. Jeremy Piven cried his way into the good graces of the Actors’ Equity Association yesterday, where all five members chose to believe that mercury poisoning was the reason he dropped out of the Broadway play Speed-The-Plow two months early.

Last month, the producers rolled their eyes and filed a grievance with Actors’ Equity claiming as the The New York Times says, that Jeremy was “bored with the play” and “eager to return to Hollywood.” (Or just pursue waitress-chasing full time on either coast.)

During the 20-minute hearing Jeremy “twice broke down in tears” and claimed he was often disoriented and “incapable of getting enough oxygen” to deliver his lines during the play.

While the Actors’ Equity sided with him, the five members of the Broadway League didn’t buy all the theatrics and sided with the producers.

Now, as the Times says, “Because of the split decision no action was taken against Mr. Piven…[however] producers now have the right to proceed to a more rigorous arbitration proceeding against Mr. Piven.”

Regardless, Jeremy Piven will be back to playing himself — Ari Gold — on March 9th when they start shooting the new season of Entourage.

Can’t they just hug it out?

Gallery Info: Jeremy Piven outside the Broadway hearing in New York City