Jeremy Piven’s Tales Of Hollywood

I love this picture of Jeremy Piven. These female companions of his are patiently listening to his story about how one time, he got Lindsay Lohan to prance around in a nude-colored bikini in his house and, oh yeah, he could have hit that if he wanted, but he totally didn’t because he didn’t want to have to break her heart because he’s still sowing his wild oats, you know?

Also, how great is it that he looks like he could be wearing those leggings? It’s like an M.C. Escher drawing or something.

OK, well when he’s not regaling women with hypothetical stories of his celebrity conquests, he’s perplexing the paparazzi with his strange behavior. He recently was spotted pumping gas and then suddenly leaving his car behind, taking off with someone in another car. According to TMZ, Jeremy left his car behind to be picked up by a mechanic, so it was much ado about nothing. But we just wanted to make sure you heard it here first.


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