Jeremy London Faked Own Abduction?

Earlier this week, Jeremy London claimed he was kidnapped at gunpoint while changing his tire, forced to smoke crack, and buy alcohol for the kidnappers.

RadarOnline learned that London’s wife, Melissa Cunningham, pictured above in the couple’s happier times, was in the car when the “kidnapping” occurred and asked to be driven home, and the abductors actually drove her home!  Aww, how considerate of the gun wielding kidnappers!

New information came out that Jeremy London undergoes regular drug testing for a custody issue involving his son.  London was in rehab last year for his addiction to prescription pills.  The new piece of information makes the case seem that London faked his own kidnapping to possibly get a way with smoking crack on his required drug test.

Melissa and Jeremy don’t have a picture perfect relationship.  Melissa has a house rented in Palm Springs, where the incident occurred.  Neighbors offer a few different versions of what happened with the kidnapping and one source close to London said the kidnappers made Jeremy smoke drugs so the actor couldn’t be a credible witness against them later.  An arrest has been made in the kidnapping case, they are still looking into more suspects.

Honestly, this is one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve heard about a D-lister in a while.  Do you think Jeremy London is making the story up to get out of a drug test?  I  think it’s time for an intervention from Reverend Eric Camden and Happy.