Jeremy London Apparently Kidnapped & Forced To Smoke Crack

Party of Five and 7th Heaven has-been actor Jeremy London was changing a tire on his car last Thursday and was approached by two men who forced London at gunpoint to drive them around in his own car, smoke crack, buy booze and hang out in the gang area of Palm Springs.

London got away at about 3 a.m. the following morning and his car was recovered in a sketchy neighborhood where one of the kidnappers lived. Oddly enough, another officer saw the initial abduction and helped identify the kidnappers later.

The experience had to be traumatic for London who admitted to a stint in rehab last year to cope with his addiction to prescription pills.

But I’m full of questions:

- Did the kidnappers actually help fix the tire before they insisted he drive them around?

- How is one forced to smoke crack or dope?

- Why do things like this happen to actors who have been out of work for years on end?

In case you can’t remember who Jeremy London is, check out various pictures of him in the gallery below.