Jeremy Renner Visits The Magical Land Of Bed, Bath & Beyond, Remembers That Time Pink Kicked His Ass

August 22nd, 2014 // 3 Comments

Stars! They’re just like us! Even Jeremy Renner shops at Bed, Bath & Beyond! I hope he remembered his 20% off coupon.

The Avengers star was spotted at one of the chain’s Los Angeles locations yesterday, loading up on a bunch of fun stuff. Why is that celebrities never leave with like, one basket? There always seems to be an excessive amount of things.

While that question is neither here nor there, here’s something I learned today: Jeremy was in Pink‘s music video for “Troubleback in 2003. 

Don’t ask me why I didn’t already know this–I have berated myself plenty. Now that Jeremy has joined social media, he’s getting in on all the social media trends, like #ThrowbackThursday. He posted this photo yesterday with the caption, “#tbt Got my ass handed to me by @Pink in her music video ‘Trouble.’ ”

Honestly, I barely remember this video. I think in 2003 I’d made the switch to VH1 from MTV because they were loving all the decades and having best weeks ever. But this video is making me happy. Check it out below for some old school Jeremy, then launch the gallery to see what goodies he got from B, B & B.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Cindy

    He runs a home renovation business with a friend on the side. Am guessing the excessive purchases are for a current project, because from what I’ve read they furnish the home as well. Makes more sense than him buying that much stuff for his own house, right? Which probably has plenty of stuff already.

  2. A. Flyer

    Also — don’t forget that he spent the last 4 months or so filming in the UK, and is going right back there for MI5. When you’re only home for a couple of weeks at a time, stuff piles up.

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