Jeremy Renner Takes His Handsome Self To London Fashion Show, Talks Missing His Daughter

Jeremy Renner & His Dog
Jeremy Renner hangs with man's best friend.
Look you guys! It’s Jeremy Renner! And he’s not being photographed outside a gym! It’s a Christmas miracle.

The actor looked rather fashionable in London today as he was spotted sitting front and center at the Veni Vici fashion show. This must be what he does on his off time while filming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Too bad he didn’t wear his Hawkeye costume for the event.

While he does get to do fun stuff while on location, the actor does have to spend time away from his 14-month old daughter. 

“I like starting and ending my day with her,” he told reporters. “When I don’t, life is quite miserable.”Aww, don’t worry Jeremy, I’m sure she’ll soon be old enough for you to bring to set. If there’s one thing I constantly hear parents saying it’s that their kids grow up very fast.

So soak it all up, Jeremy! And we’ll just soak up this moment of you looking ever so handsome. Launch the gallery to enjoy it some more. So, can The Avengers 2 come out right now please? Thank you.