Jeremy Renner Shows Off His Best Blue Steel Face As He Grabs Lunch Alone

January 29th, 2014 // 3 Comments

Jeremy Renner! Don’t eat alone! I could have come with you!

The American Hustle star was spotted in Hollywood today, grabbing lunch at the eatery Cheebo. I often pass Cheebo, but I’ve never been. Good reviews?

Jeremy was clearly giving us his best Derek Zoolander impression as he Blue Steeled on his way back to the car. I gotta say, it’s a good look for him. So, do you think that Jeremy is upset he’s the only person on the American Hustle poster not nominated for an Oscar. 

Cause Christian Bale‘s got Best Actor, Amy Adams Best Actress, Bradley Cooper Best Supporting Actor and Jennifer LawrenceBest Supporting Actress. And then Jeremy Renner. Hey Jeremy, you’ll always have a nomination in my heart.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the actor in Hollywood. If you saw Jeremy eating alone, would you go up to him? Or would you just awkwardly stare and walk away? I’d go up to him. For sure.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Lizzie

    I’m betting Renner feels about the same as he did when he was the only one nominated for an Oscar off of The Town poster, or the only one nominated for an Oscar off of The Hurt Locker poster. He was excellent in American Hustle, one of his best performances, but he was robbed of a lot of his screen time. The fact that Bradley Cooper’s overblown performance is sitting in a supporting actor slot when he had as much screen time as Adams and Bale is a great example of DOR nepotism and why it’s always best to executive produce your own Oscar nominations. Renner has received some serious respect for bringing a true, resonating emotion to what otherwise is just a manic, colorful film. Plus, he looks great here! I’m betting he is fine with the American Hustle poster. He’s got a lot of supporters looking forward to his next entry.

  2. Sharon

    How does he feel? I am sure he is delighted that so many people have seen him in such a different type of role. He should also reassure himself that the growing number of people seeing past the saggy story and hysterical performances in American Hustle also see him as one of the films biggest assets. He was so much better than Bradley Cooper, just not so loud.

  3. AlphaFlyer

    I agree with everything previous commenters said. His performance was understated and complex, and all the more impressive for refusing to resort to gimmicks. The look in his eyes when he is handcuffed in front of his children is worth the price of admission alone. He will be just as spectacular in “Kill the Messenger”, and hopefully will finally get the recognition he should have had in his previous encounters with the Academy.

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