Jeremy Renner Keeps It Casual & Composed As He Buys A Trashcan & Hangs With Tom Cruise

Jeremy Renner At Mel's
Jeremy Renner spotted at Mel's Diner in Hollywood.
Y’all, Jeremy Renner is one fetching fella.

The super busy actor was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend running a few errands by himself. I bet he’s really enjoying all the alone time he gets now that his new baby takes up most of his time. Also, where’s your dog, Jeremy? You two are so cute together.

Jeremy wasn’t just buying trashcans at Staples this weekend. He was also dining with some Hollywood royalty as he and Tom Cruise grabbed dinner at the Sunset Towers Hotel. Those two just look like they’re perfect best friend material. 

So now we need to come up with a new movie for them to work on together. I’m thinking a buddy/travel/romantic comedy. Something like Planes, Trains & Automobiles meets You’ve Got Mail. I would totally watch that.

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