Jeremy Renner Keeps Fit, Sings For The Crowd In ‘American Hustle’ Deleted Scene

Jeremy's Baby Mama
Jeremy Renner spotted with the mother of his baby.
Oh, you know, it’s just another day in the life of Jeremy Renner where he looks hot and hits the gym.

This seems to be his new thing. Is he bulking up for The Avengers 2? I mean, Hawkeye does wear that shirtless thing, and boy does it look fabulous on him.

So, remember how Jeremy Renner was very sadly the only person on the American Hustle poster not nominated for an Oscar? We may have figured out the reason why! And it has to do with deleted scenes. 

In fact most of the deleted scenes, because a lot of them feature Jeremy. My personal favorite is the deleted scene below, which features Jeremy’s Mayor Carmine singing along to “Couldn’t Get It Right” before making everyone get up and line dance with him. He just so much fun to watch on screen. And I’m not the only one who’s thinking this about him.

Well, if we can’t have him on screen right now, then gym shots are fine by me. Especially because he seems to have the same shirt in every color. Check out all the photos of Jeremy in the comments, but make sure to watch the deleted scene first. Enjoy.