Jeremy Renner Gives A Quick Smile To The Paparazzi After Working Out

Aww, would you look at that smile right there.

Actor Jeremy Renner was more than happy to give a quick smirk for the cameras today as he was spotted leaving a gym in West Hollywood. I appreciate that he appears to be holding a bunch of sports drinks. They don’t look like Power or Gatorade. But anyway, red for the win.

I wonder if Jeremy is getting all nice and ripped for the Jason Bourne sequel he’s got coming down the pipeline? 

Or maybe he just wants to look really good in his Oscars tux. Sadly, Jeremy’s name didn’t appear on the list of Oscars presenters that was released today, but I imagine he’ll be there to support American Hustle. As I mentioned last time, he is on the poster.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of a smiling Jeremy. In terms of paparazzi photos of him, it’s a rare sight to see. So we best appreciate it.