Jeremy Renner Gets Fit And Waves To The Paparazzi

Jeremy Renner & His Dog
Jeremy Renner hangs with man's best friend.
We see a lot of paparazzi shots of celebs leaving their expensive California gyms, but there are some whose athleticism we appreciate a little more than others.

Jeremy Renner was spotted leaving his gym today after a great work out. Maybe he’s trying to work off the stress of the impending Oscars weekend that’s slowly approaching? Gotta look good in that suit, after all. 

Jeremy smiled at the paparazzi as he was leaving the gym, which is more than we can say for most celebs, and he even waved. See, that’s why we love him.

His gym clothes seemed a little tighter than most guys choose to wear, with a tight tank top and tight black pants. I mean, we’re not complaining, or anything. You do you, sir.

While he may not be up for an individual nomination, Jeremy’s movie American Hustle is up for an Oscar this weekend, so I’m sure the nerves are kicking in. Lets hope we get to catch a glimpse of him working the red carpet. Probably not in those tight gym clothes though. If only, right?