Jeremy Renner Enjoys An Afternoon With His Pup, Is He Done With ‘The Avengers’?

Jeremy's Baby Mama
Jeremy Renner spotted with the mother of his baby.
Jeremy Renner has made quite the impression on us since his Oscar nominated role in The Hurt Locker.

He has just been everywhere and we are loving it. I mean, how could you not when he’s just so hot? Jeremy was spotted in New York City earlier today trying to keep a low profile as he took his dog for a walk.

Is anybody else really amused by the fact that his dog is wearing a vest? That makes me happy. Also, I always pictured Jeremy having a super giant dog. So, what’s all this about no more The Avengers

Well, there are some rumors swirling around that Marvel executives are looking to replace Jeremy as Hawkeye. He was also supposed to make an appearance in the new Captain America movie, but that has since been scraped. But, but, but…you can’t just take away my Hawkeye like that!

Jeremy was amazing in The Avengers. Don’t take him away from us! Well, he seems to not be letting that get him down. Launch the gallery to check out just how OK he looks in NYC. What do you think of the rumors? Should we get a new Hawkeye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!