Jeremy Piven Gets Flipped Off By Liam Neeson On The Set Of The ‘Entourage’ Movie

Ari Gold is officially back! Yay! In case you haven’t heard, they’re making an Entourage movie and I am absurdly excited about it.

My excitement was fueled even more today when Jeremy Piven was spotted in his signature suit look, shooting some scenes with none other than Mr. Bad-Ass himself, Liam Neeson. Also, when did Liam become so bad-ass? How did it happen?

Anyway, back to Entourage. There was clearly some onscreen tension between Jeremy’s Ari and Liam’s…Liam? 

I assume he’s playing himself, non? This movie is going to be jam-packed with cameos. Anyhoo, Liam flips Ari the bird and it’s awesome. Like, I cannot even explain to you in words how fun it is seeing Liam Neeson do that.

So since there are no words, I will instead direct you to the gallery where you can see plenty of Liam’s middle finger. No but really, I can’t be the only one this excited about Entourage, right? Look for it to hit theaters June 12, 2015. It’s far, but who cares excited.