Jeremiah Brent Works His Way Back Into Rachel Zoe’s Company

Oh how we love Jeremiah Brent.  He looks like Edward Cullen, dresses like a J.Crew model and knows where to put that quirky mirror you just had to purchase.  When Rodger gave Brent his pink slip on last week’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, we all gave a collective “But whyyyyyyyyyyyy?”  Brent just broke his ass decorating Rodge and Rachel’s new house, and wanted so badly to prove himself as a stylist.  You just took him on because his face was so pretty, hmmm?

Even Joey came to Brent’s defense when Mandana couldn’t understand why Mr. Vampire was so depressed about his firing.  Duh, Mandana.  When one is fired, one gets sad.  It’s a blow to the ego!

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The subordinates at Zoe, Inc. either didn’t get the memo that Brent is no longer on the payroll or they just didn’t care, because they just dialed him up to put together Skyler’s nursery.  And what a bang up job he did!

In a preview for next week, we saw that Brent, who attended the GUESS By Marciano & Vogue 2011 Holiday Collection Debut at Mr. C Beverly Hills on October 13th in Beverly Hills, was back in the game with Zoe, Inc (hopefully).