Rachel Zoe’s Jeremiah Brent Shows Us What’s He’s Good At [PHOTOS]

ApartmentTherapy.com put the spotlight on The Rachel Zoe Project’s newest addition, Jeremiah Brent.  Forget the fact that his skin tone is perfect and his coif is as vampire-like as Edward Cullen’s; The man has a talent for interior design.  When we were first introduced to Brent this season, we learned that he had a background in designing and building furniture.  Thanks to a recommendation by Rachel Zoe, Inc. VP Mandana Dayani, Brent left behind is career as an interior designer to try his hand at styling.

PHOTOS: Jeremiah Brent Is Our New Eye Candy

While we haven’t seen Brent emerge as a clothing stylist in his own right, he sure did a bang-up job decorating Rachel and Rodger’s home.  So much so that he feared he might have shot himself in the foot by putting the attention on his home styling work rather than what he was hired to do.

No matter! We look forward to seeing more of Brent and that gorgeous complexion as the season wears on (and perhaps beyond?).