Jensen Ackles Talks ‘Supernatural’, Plus Season 9 Spoilers

On Set
Jensen and co-star Jared Padalecki on set on 'Supernatural'
With the season premiere of the CW’s Supernatural approaching, Jensen Ackles reveals that season 9 will begin right where season 8 left off! The season finale left viewers with the reunion of the Winchester brothers and thousands of angels falling from the sky!

During an interview at Comic-Con, the 35-year-old spoke about what’s next for the brothers as they struggle to survive in this new world.

Highlights from the interview with Jensen:

- The brothers don’t know if the fallen angels will be “friend or foe.” Or if it will be a “case-by-case” situation.

- Dean is not playing the “guilty cheerleader” anymore. He knows that he and his brother have things to do in this new world.

- “They think that [Crowley] will serve them better alive than dead. They want to acquire as much information from him as possible, in other words, “Zero Dark Thirty his ass.”

For more from the interview, watch the video below.

Now for some spoilers! Season 9 will have a new character named Robin who is from Dean’s past. They shared a “sweet puppy love style romance” two decades ago and now she’s popping back in his life!

A familiar face will be returning to the show as well. Felicia Day will return as lesbian hacker Charlie Bradbury for one episode.

Supernatural’s season 9 premieres October 8th! Will you be tuning in?