Jensen Ackles Does His Best Uncle Sam Impression As He Preps For ‘Supernatural’ Season 10

June 26th, 2014

Clearly Jensen Ackles wants you. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

The Supernatural star was spotted arriving in Vancouver yesterday to start filming season 10 of the hit CW show. Yes, you read that correctly, season 10. I can’t believe it’s been that long since Dean left Stars Hallow and Rory forever. (Gilmore Girls fan for life!)

Hopefully Jensen and co-star Jared Padalecki will continue to play mean tricks on Misha Collins this season, because it really amuses me. 

Also, I read somewhere that Jensen will be directing a few episodes this season? I can no longer find the article where I read it, but if one of you does know the answer, I would appreciate a confirmation or denial.

But first, launch the gallery and stare at some cute Jensen. I like the leather look he’s got going on. It is quite attractive indeed. And make sure to mark your calendars for October 7! Cause that’s when Supernatural is coming back.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. tia

    Jensen wasn’t in Gilmore Girls- Jared was. Jensen was in Dawson’s Creek , Days of our Lives , Dark Angel, Smallville. and other shows. You might want to do research BEFORE you write and article. But anyway he looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see him play a demon this season.. For a little while. We need fun loving, sexy Dean back though-

    • I am fully aware that Jensen wasn’t on Gilmore Girls. I was just making a comment about how long the show has been on the air–that’s it’s been 10 years since Jared Padalecki played Dean.

  2. tia

    Oh sorry-but your transition was confusing. But I am grateful you wrote an article about Jensen.

  3. Chele Castiano

    Gross. Jensen is a homophobe right winger. Do an article on Jared or Misa, please. Not Jensen. TIA!

    • givemepie

      Bigotry comes in many sizes, your’s is particularly horrid. You know nothing about this man except he is a Christian and he simply will not say the the show’s creators intended a sexual relationship between Dean and Castiel – because this is the CW, not HBO. You provide no proof of any of these claims and even if so, you provide no information about anyone else’s stance on these requests for political statements. This is prejudice and focused stalking meant to harm. I’m a Democrat and in fact like to read Destiel. But I would never support the hate that you are posting about someone whom you do not know.

  4. Naija

    Why is it that some troll is always calling Jensen a homophobic??? He isn’t really a right winger is he??? I wish he would shave that ugly beard!!!!

  5. Crystal

    Chele is just upset that Jensen isn’t conforming to her belief that there must be a Dean and Cas thing sexually and if the actors don’t conform, they obviously are against gay relationships. i guess all heteros in the nation are anti gay because they are not in same sex relationships in your way of thinking. I’m sick of these ignorant people attacking an actor for living in a free country and, GASP, heaven forbid having an opinion contrary to theirs. That DOESN’T make him homophobic because he sees Dean and Cas as friends only. Maybe you hateful people should go live in Iran where your opinions and disgusting accusations will be met with true evil and hate. Have fun and don’t send a postcard. You won’t be missed. BTW, helpful advice, your accusations are leaning towards defamation, which is an illegal offense.

    Thank you for the article though! :-)

  6. Stacy Ann

    Personally, Crystal, I don’t give one CR*P about Sam/Dean or Dean/Cas or any of that garbage. What I DO care about is that Jensen is clearly one of those Evangelical Republicans who are against women’s rights. I don’t like his party’s stance on gays either. I’ll defend his RIGHT to believe anything he wants until the day I die, but what I won’t do is support him and his career any longer. He said no to the It Gets Better Campaign and he said no to the NoH8 Campaign. I’m sorry, but I gave up on him then. He may be a nice guy and I have no doubt that he is because Misha seems to like him. Even so, I don’t support those who don’t support me. And given that Jensen is a registered Republican, it would be an insurmountable task to prove that saying he’s homophobic is libelous.

  7. givemepie

    Your own prejudice is making it clear that you are assuming a LOT of things about someone based on being a Christian and Republican – holding this actor responsible for the entire Republican Party’s platform. Seriously! There are a lot of Republican Christians in Hollywood (yes, there are) – just like in America. Your presumption that this equals bigotry and intolerance. And supports a hate campaign that has been stalking Jensen for years. Watch another show and stop politicizing these comments. Take it the editorial page.

  8. givemepie

    Sabba, doesn’t Socialitelife have any policy regarding hate and harrassing postings in your comment fields? Given the hate campaign showing up in postings about Jensen you should be responsible to edit and delete comments that have nothing to add to your story, but whose purpose seems to be personal harassment

    • Hi, sorry about the delay. I hadn’t seen how out of hand they’d gotten.
      Our policy is that there is no hate or harassing of fellow readers and commentors. You are allowed to express your feelings about a celebrity, but once you start gearing that hate towards each other, it is unacceptable.