Jenniffer Hudson Resumes Wedding Plans To David Otunga [PHOTOS]

Hudson's New Figure
Jennifer Hudson's weight loss transformation.
Former America Idol sensation Jennifer Hudsonand fiancee WWE Wrestler David Otunga resumed their wedding plans after a whirlwind of events since 2008. In September 2008 Otunga proposed to the diva on her 27th birthday in Malibu , CA. However, that same year Hudson lost three family members to murder. The wedding plans were put on halt, and a source commented on her decision after the trials, “She was extremely stressed out and processing a lot of emotions about the murder of her family after the trial ended, and she just cracked” Now, Jennifer Hudson is ready to approach the relationship and engagement anew.

Otunga approached the proposal in a creative and unconventional way. Hudson recalls, “He had birthday cards, and each card threw another hint and another hint and another hint,” said Hudson. “And I got to the last one, and it said when you’re done reading this card, I want you to turn around and I have a birthday gift for you.” Otunga had given her a Neil Lane diamond ring. After four years, Hudson is sure that tying the knot is with Otunga is what she was meant to do. Hudson said in a statement to RadarOnline that she” realized that [Otunga] was her rock and that she wanted to spend her life with him.”

The Grammy Award winner set off to NYC  yesterday (June 27) for the Lullaby Recording Pampers’ Listening Party. The singer tweeted on a happy note ,”Check out @Pampers FB page for my special rendition of “Lullaby and Goodnight”. Loved recording this!”

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