Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants To Mend Your Relationship

June 19th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Ghost Whisperer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has taken stock of her relationship experience–both the good and the bad–and put pen to paper.

Currently dating
her television co-star Jamie Kennedy, the star dishes in her book The Day I Shot Cupid all sorts of tips she’s picked up while dating such Hollywood stars as Carson Daly, John Mayer and her ex-fiance, Ross McCall.

“Hopefully, in addition to having a good laugh, women reading this will learn from some of my hard lessons,” the bubbly star told People magazine. I’m only reading this if the book jacket has a gory picture of Cupid with an arrow through his skull. Cause I’m sick like that.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lindz

    i had never watched the ghost whisperer until the other day, i swear to you, NOTHING ELSE was on!

    but i found myself totally sucked in mainly because of this:

    jennifer love hewitt and kristen stewart could be sisters. at least acting-mannerism-wise. it is BIZARRE!

    i was watching it and all of a sudden i was like, “woah, right there she looked JUST like kristen stewart!” and my roommate said, “i was just about to say the same thing!”

    so we spent the rest of the episode just watching her facial expressions and movements and trying to figure out if they should play sisters or a mother/daughter role.

    for real, check it out! tell me i’m wrong!

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