Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Without Child

Jennifer Love Hewitt has had more controversy going on in her Plain Jane career in the past few weeks than back when Bailey put her through the windshield and the guy with the hook was chasing her ass around the fishing boat. Hot off the heels of her taking to MySpace to last out at people baggin’ on her weight, pregnancy rumors have sprung up around the newly married lass. Jennifer married Scottish actor Ross McCall and honey-mooned in Hawaii where paps snapped some unflattering photos of her hindquarters. Now I am the last person to speculate that a bad camera angle means she’s got a puppy in the pound. And a rep from Jennifer’s show “The Ghost Whisperer” is denying it. “Not true,” the rep says. “The stories are 100% false.” Well, that’s that. This is like when you know to never ask a woman if she’s pregnant or not. The results can be devastating for her. And for you when she hits you upside the head with her bag if she’s not.