Jennifer Love Hewitt Hates Dating, Loves Jewels (As Does Her Vajayjay)

Jennifer Love Hewitt took her newly cropped coif to talk to Meredith Vieira on NBC’s Today Show and interviewed with People magazine to promotes her new book The Day I Shot Cupid. Drinking and dressy at her book party last night, it looks like she has the right formula to start dating again after her break up with Jamie Kennedy.

But The Ghost Whisperer actress, who says she’s not having any issues working with her ex on the show (he even wrote a chapter on butts in the book), says dating is not her thing. “I’m better in relationships than I am going out with one guy on a Monday and then another one on a Wednesday and another one on a Saturday,” she told Meredith. “It feels weird to me.” For someone who just broke up with their boyfriend she sounds like she’s doing fine and in a good place. Watch the video after the jump to hear more about how she gets hot for office supplies and her view on relationships.

Man or not, she knows who a girl’s best friend is. Bling. She admitted to People in their current issue that she has three different engagement rings picked out and has visited jewelry stores to try them on since she was 12. She also addresses the parts of the book where she writes about taking baths with tiaras and the sacred art of “vagazzaling” where bedazzling meets the vajayjay. Watch the video of her explaining the bedazzling effect to George Lopez after the jump.

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