Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Washed That Turd Out of Her Hair.

March 22nd, 2010 // 2 Comments

I don’t watch the ‘Ghost WHisperer’ and I don’t even know if the show has been cancelled, but I do remember Jennifer Lover Hewitt in Can’t Hardly Wait’. I am really sure that Jamie Kennedy remembers too, which begs the question; “Is Jamie Kennedy that much of an anxious for press, psuedo working comedian that he would dump this, or is J.Love so annoying, her hotness is not enough motivation to forgive her for?

Either way girlfriend is looking a little matronly with her new ‘single status’ shag. Hopefully she just has her Jessica Simpson extensions in the wash. Because she seriously looks like she is giving some bad boy a scolding.

By Lizzie B. Vicious

  1. Beth

    Oh my god. I think that first picture is the worst picture I’ve ever seen of her. I mean her forehead..I thought something was on my monitor. That’s just crazy. Even if she was raising her eyebrows, WHY IS HER FOREHEAD SO CREASED?

    If you can get past her forehead (I can’t) then you must be fixating on that horrible outfit or horrendous shoes. I know break ups are hard but…damn.

  2. dee cee

    She is the turd, leading those men to expect love and devotion, publically announcing her engagement then quickly humiliating and dumping them after she gets the publicity she craves. Schadenfreude! She gets a big whoopie out that kind of heartless cruel power girl personality, but the youth and beauty is fading fast so she better get serious and mature from tease, bait, land and reject, or she’ll be lucky to snare someone like Jesse James between one of his dirty-slut women gutter dives.. trust me.

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