Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets An Apology

June 16th, 2006 // 27 Comments

The apology isn’t from the paparazzo who is photographing The Ghost Whisperer star in the above photo, it comes from ex-boyfriend John Mayer. The singer did a surprise appearance at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, as a comic and not a singer, and poked fun at his relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt. The routine apparently turned a bit blue.

Mayer said he never got to have sex with Hewitt because of a bout of food poisoning, brought on by some bad fish. Mayer tells publication Us Weekly, “It really was me making fun of myself.”

The singer, who reportedly wrote hit “Your Body Is A Wonderland” as a tribute to his ex, says he felt remorseful after his raunchy comedy routine and immediately sent an apology to Hewitt. He adds, “I’m a wimp.”

More photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt and her new man, after the jump.

John Mayer Apologizes to Jennifer Love Hewitt [Starpulse]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sally

    this is why i fucking hate us weekly.
    john wrote your body is a wonderland before he ever met that soccer mom haircut toting ho.
    dumb bitch. he’s a funny guy. i wish i’d been in the audience for the jokes.

  2. She has Cankles!

    She has Cankles. Nuff said.

  3. Grier

    Mayer is an asshole

  4. d

    Jennifer Love Hewitt – showing the world how to turn a tablecloth into a dress.

    John shouldn’t have apologised.

  5. Tai

    Wow, Jen and her man look a lot alike.

  6. anti

    John Mayer is hot, and he is funny. I saw on on various talk shows, great sense of humor. She is probably mad that she never got none of that hottness of John Mayer.

  7. Lynn

    He has more jewelry on than she does…

  8. C

    Sally -
    It says, “As a tribute to his ex” it did not say “As a tribute to Jennifer Love Hewitt” – if people get their wires crossed, that’s their own fault.

  9. Once JLH had said, “I have the sex life of a
    peanut” (i.e., nearly zero).

    Could this be TRUE? First John Mayer says he
    never did it with her (LOL!) because of “mere”
    food poisoning. Then, the situation of Wilmer
    Valderama not doing it either!

    Could be that JLH lives ALONE and is NOT
    “doing it” AT ALL!

  10. Just how much of a PUBLICITY STUNT is Jennifer
    Love Hewitt’s dating (?)

    There was recently,the (now-discredited)
    pregnancy rumors re: Ross McCall. Still
    seen with JLH,but,after all the preceding
    dating foul-ups/farces…what does it
    prove? Especially,coming on the heels of
    a “hit” show for JLH…and with Mr.McCall
    having at least one bad habit (drinking)
    it kind of echoes a “Carson Daly” situation…
    and we all know what happened to Carson!
    (the pregnancy,btw,was supposed to apply
    to the JLH CHARACTER “Melinda”…NOT in
    the actress’ real life).

    Last year,JLH was supposed to have had a
    “boyfriend” in a record-company guy named
    Scott Austin.

    Enrique Iglacias and JLH were said to have
    been “dating”…but later,someone said that
    they had “only been friends”.

    What I’m trying to get at, is a CREDIBILITY
    PROBLEM re: JLH “dating” somebody.

    Makes you wonder. And,for anybody willing to
    dig deep enough: Why has JLH never dated “her
    own kind”,i.e.,a British Texan (or,for that
    matter) ANY Texan? What goes on here?

  11. Also part of the JLH credibility problem:

    No legitimate couple is going to encourage rumors
    of a pregnancy,so it would seem.

    Otherwise,it’d be very embarrassing….

  12. The entire situation of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s
    dating,is unstable,because it’s based on a
    defective foundation: A “Beauty Bar psychic”
    had told JLH she’d “find love on the movie set”
    around early 2006. However,this is like saying,
    “Date the next guy on the set that asks!” Too
    random (and too obvious) to be real.

    And,recently,reports have JLH going to a SECOND “psychic palm reader” to see IF
    she should stay with the guy (IF the FIRST–”intuitive psychic”–were right)! How RIDICULOUS.

    Naturally,the SECOND “psychic” told the actress
    what she WANTED to hear (“yes”) rather than the

    These FAKE storefront “psychics” can send people’s
    lives into a tailspin AND rob them of money–
    ESPECIALLY the rich and famous,who are favorite

    Jennifer Love Hewitt fell for the “party psychic’s” trickery,because of the fact that
    another professed psychic (James van Praagh)–
    a controversial occult STORYTELLER–had indeed
    gotten real success for the actress,via his
    writing her hit show “Ghost Whisperer”.

    To say the least,a hairy situation re: the
    actress’ personal life. Neither Mr. van Praagh
    nor the real-life crimefighter psychic,Ms.
    Winkowski,were able to give JLH any advice in
    her personal life,leaving her to hire no-name
    “occult seers”.

    When one examines the results,one sees that her
    current date is similar to the last time she had
    dates during a hit show: The guy has at least
    one bad habit. Similar to Mr. Carson Daly.

    I have suggested that JLH try dating her “own
    kind”,i.e.,a “mirror image” of herself,to wit:
    Somebody with overlapping heredity,and similar
    birth environment. Similar to the situation with
    her hero,Audrey Hepburn,and Ms. Hepburn’s last
    “companion”,Robert Wolders. Which would mean,
    Jennifer Love Hewitt finding the (correct) British
    Texan. But,how strange: One finds that JLH NEVER
    dated ANY Texan…Inexplicable.

    Meanwhile,confusion reigns supreme.

  13. One thing that will save JLH from marrying the
    wrong person,is that she is not broken-down like
    Audrey Hepburn was…No bad habits nor malnutrition here!

    But to get a hanger-on date every time she has a
    hit show…is not good.

    If Carson Daly couldn’t get her to the altar,
    then neither can this foreigner!

  14. When JLH has a hit show,it inflates her ego (or
    something)…thereby making her more tolerant.

    How else to explain her dating somebody with one
    or more bad habits;and the fact that said “hanger-
    on” dates ONLY occur when she has a hit show
    (otherwise,she’d had about TWO DOZEN dates during
    a no-hit-show “dry spell” lasting 6 years,and
    those situations lasted from 3-6 months each.)

    And it seems that JLH dating is used to PROMOTE
    her projects…But that’s a sure-fire way to NOT
    have her taken seriously as an actress!

    My own personal opinion: JLH need new “handlers”
    —and fast! Though “Ghost Whisperer” is somewhat
    successful,the bottom WILL drop out someday,
    figuratively speaking,what with all the NONSENSE
    going on around this actress! She deserves FAR
    BETTER situations than what she’s been handed.

  15. The dating mistakes of this actress might be
    analogized to a simple example. I quote from
    the late Dr. Albert Einstein re: Browninan
    (ramdom) motion (of atomic particles): “If a
    young boy,blindfolded,keeps changing directions
    at random near a lamppost…he will keep returning
    to that lamppost!”

    If Jennifer Love Hewitt keeps dates an extra-
    long time when she has hit shows,this is always
    doomed to failure. And a date which basically
    was gotten at random by a non-prediction of a
    fake psychic (backed up later by another non-
    predition of another fake psychic) is doomed to
    fail. Because,of course,hit shows go off the air
    one day. Plus,the weight of two dozen previous
    dating failures!

  16. Ironically,life imitates art sometimes…Jennifer
    Love Hewitt’s hit show “Ghost Whisperer” just now
    had (Nov.9,2007) an episode called “Unhappy
    Medium”…about an encounter with a fake psychic!

  17. And talking about nonsense in the entertainment
    industry: Here comes a strike (as of November 2007) which could stop this show cold.

  18. Now comes the ugly news that JLH is engaged!

    This is a huge mistake,and she MUST back out of
    it. She’s had only about 3 dates lasting at
    least 18 months.

    Both of them were drinkers. Both occurred during
    her hit shows.

    BUT JLH famously says,”I don’t drink! I’m crazy
    enough as it is without that”.

    At least the news item says that NO wedding date
    has been set. The would-be groom was said to have
    given JLH a CENTURY-OLD ring. (Though that would
    make a good decoration—hello—when was the last
    time an engaged couple didn’t get NEW rings?)

    So,TWO odd things going on there….

  19. Is Ross McCall a U.S. Citizen?

    Nobody has ever discussed that. Wikipedia says he’s from Scotland,as I’ve read.

    An attempted “marriage of convenience” (to gain
    citizenship) would truly be the lowest,scummiest
    thing to do against Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Many people frown upon it,and it’s a fraud in some

    If he’s become a citizen,though,it’s STILL
    “scraping below the bottom of the barrel” for
    this actress.

  20. And though 2 years is the “traditional” time for
    a couple to get engaged…by now there’s NOTHING
    “traditional” about Jennifer Love Hewitt!

    Linking dating time to a hit show (otherwise,
    3-6 months by default) is PURE CHANCE! This
    would mean that Carson Daly missed getting
    engaged to JLH by only 6 months! (But what
    about the QUALITY of the date’s PERSONALITY?)

    And “Ghost Whisperer” was sucessful at #1 three
    months BEFORE Ross McCall came in!

  21. And do you know what those fraudulent storefront
    psychics earn?

    I accidentally saw a “Pay Rent or Quit” sign on
    the front of an “astology” shop near Los Angeles.

    The rent was FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS per MONTH!!

    Only PART of what those people earn. And if an
    actress asks for a reading,naturally,they will
    ask for more money!

  22. e

    the end result of john mayor is a mentally retarded, ugly fag, the day he has sex ( with a girl) i will actually buy one of his horrible cds

  23. e

    the end result of john mayor is a mentally retarded, ugly fag, the day he has sex ( with a girl) i will actually buy one of his horrible cds

  24. o

    so there wont be enough CD’s for you to buy

  25. R Vaughan

    You’re saying that John Mayer is really

    Then that would also explain something…

    That JLH “dates” are just a PUBLICITY STUNT
    and NOT REAL…

    And yes,I’ve heard that a clever publicist
    could FAKE a Hollywood engagement,too! (I’ve
    seen it listed on Google).

  26. R Vaughan

    Well,nobody has ever proved me wrong…and,btw,
    John Mayer is doing odd things again….with
    another Jennifer (Aniston)…

    Which DOES reflect on the credibility of
    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dating,as I’ve said.

  27. R Vaughan

    So I was right after all….onetime
    engagement to Ross McCall ENDED as of

    JLH now said to be dating (?) co-star
    Jamie Kennedy….LOL!!

    Some people have called that by the
    new term “fauxmance” = fake dating
    to get publicity!

    Or is it just JLH trying to hit on
    the next guy to come around? (That
    is NOT going to work!)

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