Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn’t Want Her Wedding To Be Sweaty

Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t want to smell like Julia Roberts at her wedding. She says that she refuses to get married in the summer because she doesn’t want to be a “sweaty bride.”

I can’t say I blame her. No one should get married in the summer. Churches rarely have air conditioning because Jesus liked suffering. And even if it’s not in a church, sitting outside in the blazing sun just leads to sweating through your damn suit or heatstroke.

Hewitt has been engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall since November.

“We are still planning the wedding and haven’t set a date yet. But it’ll still be small and intimate,” she says.

Hopefully her wedding dress will have sleeves because you know how she gets when the press infers she might be a little thick. Kiss her fat ass, America!

Jennifer also has to work around her schedule, because her CBS show Ghost Whisperer is currently filming its third season. Third season. Yep. Call me an expatriate, I’m moving to Chechnya.