Jennifer Lopez to Provide Me with More Spoiled Teenager Footage to Enjoy

August 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The empire that is Jennifer Lopez continues to grow. And with her latest reality television venture, JLO is securing her place as an entertainment mogul. The bootylicious diva is in talks to help develop a reality TV series based on the trials and tribulations faced by five Miami-based teenagers, hoping to break into the arena of Quinceañera event planning. Entitled, “The Amigas Sweet 15 Club,” the half-hour show will be executive produced by Lopez as well as Jane Startz, from whom the premise of the show originated. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“I think the whole Latina population is tremendously interesting and has a lot to offer,” Startz said. “(‘Amigas’) will be familiarizing people with cultures they may not see all the time.”

Culture, schmulture, I want to see bridezilla-like young women losing their shit when they find out that the elephant they ordered for their “Arabian Nights”-themed Quince isn’t available. Learning is for boring people.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. WTF??

    Since when do Puerto Ricans celebrate Quinceañeras??? Especially J-Ho who is a Bronx bred NuYorican???

  2. yaya

    Miami , Miami Miami, I thought she was from the bronx, and all that stuff. Everything she does is all about Miami

  3. QB

    WTF?? puertorican had always celebrated quinces they are really important in the latin american culture is a ceebration of a girl becoming a young woman

  4. WTF

    OK nastybugger, thx for the wiki BUT J-Ho is a NuYorican, not from the island of Puerto Rico. I do not know not one Puerto Rican that was raised in the states that celebrates a Quince. They celebrate Sweet Sixteens and NuYoricans (Puerto Ricans born & raised in New York) celebrate Elegant Eighteens as well.

  5. nastybugger

    no offense, WTF??, but I doubt that you know or have spoken to EVERY US-born or US-raised person of Puerto Rican descent.

    There are a LOT of them in the continental US, and surely SOME of them celebrate the Quince. As you can see from the PR day parade in NYC, a lot of PR’s who live in the states don’t abandon their culture, including the quince.

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