Jennifer Lopez Takes A Tumble: 2009 American Music Awards

It looked like an ambitious dance number when we first saw Jennifer Lopez rehearsing for her performance at the American Music Awards and last night, it proved to be too much for the pop star diva, who landed on her well-cushioned rear end after two male dancers lifted La Lopez up in an impressive high-jump.

The boxing-themed moves had J.Lo stepping into the ring with a gang of shirtless male dancers busting moves to Jennifer’s new, snooze-inducing single, “Louboutins.”

To her credit, Lopez quickly righted herself and continued with a quick dance solo without so much as missing a beat. But then again, that’s what she gets for walking all over people.

Watch the video of Jennifer’s performance at the American Music Awards here.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Lopez falls during her performance at the 2009 American Music Awards.