Jennifer Lopez Loves Her Pscychic Friends, Downplays Diva Demeanor

Jennifer Lopez recently did her best to dispel the rumor that she’s as a big diva, who requires such nonsense as to have the path in front of her lined with a constant stream of gardenias. Pish posh! Once again, she reiterates that we should not be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, she remains and will always be Jenny from the block. For real, yo.

“I think it was a little bit exaggerated and fabricated to make things interesting, while who I am as a person has never fitted with how I have been described or portrayed in the press.”

Seriously, guys. She’s still just a simple gal from the Bronx who puts on her $5,000 jeans the same way the rest of us do–one diamond-encrusted leg at a time. And there’s also a soft spot in JLO’s heart for Ms. Cleo and her gang.

“I love psychics and horoscopes – anything that can tell me what is going to happen. I want to know.”

I once had a psychic tell me that I had a curse placed on me by a woman and that the only way to remove said affliction was to purchase an expensive set of anti-curse candles. Luckily, though, I’m a savvy shopper and managed to do a little something on my own with a dead chicken and two Glade plug-ins. It wasn’t quite as effective as I’d hoped, but at least my faucet’s stopped running blood.