Jennifer Lopez Likes Her Sunglasses

Watch out, girl. We’re totally stalking you. We know, our reacquired obsession with Jennifer Lopez seems pretty random, especially considering that it’s been quite some time since she was getting married, making movies and/or dropping an album every five minutes. But, celebrity news is a bit slow, as you may have noticed, and we’re hoping that there may be some possibility of shenanigans surrounding her new album. It’s weak, but all we have at this point.

So, the images below are a collection of outfits that JLO has rocked over the past week. And I have to say, it’s interesting to see what it looks like when a woman is rocking a Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen-style outfit with a look on her face that is just begging me to question her fashion sense so that she may have an excuse to pummel me to death with her giant handbag. Also, the gay man in me is loving the fierceness girlfriend displays behind her giant sunglasses, although I do have to poke fun at the fact that her version of the classic little black dress is clearly a spray-on tan.