Jennifer Lopez Is A No-Go For American Idol

Due to her “increasing demands” while negotiating a deal, Jennifer Lopez is out of the running to become a judge on American Idol, according to  What a shock.  This is the same woman who requires an endless list of demands for almost any event she attends (white furniture, etc).  But in all seriousness, what celebrity isn’t going to make asinine demands for this position?  I’m sure they could find someone a little less intense than Lopez (and perhaps knows a little more about music).  For now we’ll just watch her prance around in sparkly catsuits and her “Louboutins.”  Lopez worked her retail muscle on July 22nd in Thousand Oaks, CA with a bodyguard in tow.

So now, it’s still Steven Tyler?  Will they go back to a three-judge format? Is anyone going to watch anymore now that Simon Cowell’s out?  I’m ready for something new.  Time to put the energy into X Factor.