Jennifer Lopez Comes Home

Now, I know that she hasn’t officially confirmed her pregnancy, but Jennifer Lopez is SO pregnant. How can I be so sure? She seems to be gaining weight exactly the way all of my aunts and sisters did when they got preggo–with the weight going straight to her nose. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to suffer a similar fate when I have babies, so I should probably choose my words carefully. Here, we see the pop star with her hubby, Marc Anthony, by her side, as she visits the neighborhood in the Bronx where she grew up. She was there to kick off her very first concert tour, touring the elementary school P.S. 36 Unionport with swarms of fans greeting her on her very publicized return to the block.

“We look at you and we see ourselves,” Lopez said. “I can remember doing little songs at school and being onstage and dreaming of great things. And seeing all of you so full of beauty and life and energy, and knowing that – how far you can go – it still touches my heart.”

I hear she even burst into tears at one point, she had become so overwhelmed with emotion. Seriously, if that isn’t hard proof that she’s pregnant, then believe me when I say the nose knows.


More photos of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony attending the ING Kick Off Event presenting Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ‘En Concierto’ Tour at PS36 Union Port School after the jump.