Jennifer Lopez Clomps Fashionably Through Tokyo

Holy high heels, Batman! We knew Jennifer Lopez had an adventurous taste in footwear, but these high white heels sported by pop star/fashion mogul/movie star J.Lo should be giving her a nose bleed.

Curvaceous singer Lopez recently returned to the recording studio and is currently in Japan to promote the Samantha Thvasa line. Her decidedly youthful ensemble had her sporting shaggy bangs, black leggings, her killer heels and a jacket that kind of makes me think she’s keeping her eyes peeled for stray dalmatians.

Lopez recently admitted that hubby Marc Anthony would like the couple to have more children, but Jenny’s not yet ready to procreate again just yet. “Marc is like ‘What are we waiting for?’ Let me work just a little bit first. Let me get a couple things out there… one song, one
movie, something. I need to recuperate.”

That’s why she had two babies, so they can keep each other company while Mommy and Daddy are off doing their thing.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Lopez at a Samantha Thavasa store in Tokyo.