Jennifer Lopez Already Over Those Babies

Once the photoshoot check was cashed, that was it. Mama’s gotta get her ass to the hair salon! We don’t pay an army of nannies for nothin’! Here’s Jennifer Lopez out and about post-birth. She’s getting her hair did in NYC.

Those babies
are only going to be seen at pre-determined photo opportunities. We might get a shot of them wheeling the babies around Central Park this summer. And probably some sort of Christmas thing. And that’s it. Marc Anthony has to rattle his bones and chains around his crypt, and this diva needs to get back to diva-ing. Max and Emme, you’re on your own, babies!

She’s hailing freedom from pregnancy in that main photo. Hey, just because you came out of her doesn’t mean you’re going to get to hang around her all the time, kids. Fend for yourselves!


More photos of Jennifer Lopez leaving a salon in New York City are after the jump.

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