Jennifer Lopez Gets A Dog

December 2nd, 2005 // 6 Comments

The images (the couple being suprised by the paparazzi and the couple looking happy with their new doggy) have been removed by the request of the owner – look for them in a tabloid come soon to a checkout stand near you. So instead, here’s a shot of Jennifer and her boobs.

No, we are not talking about her husband Marc Anthony. The couple have an adorable new dog, and the couple looks shocked that someone is taking of photo of them with their new pet.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ldysunfyre

    That guy is completely fucking emaciated. Good lord.

  2. thuglove410

    ok, so maybe its just me. one, that dogs is pretty big.. not quite a “puppy”.. second that is proabably a pure bred german shepard, and extremely intelligent, and highly trained security dog

    my thoughts: they’ve probably received some threats, very strange mails, phone calls, etc..

    that dog is there for protection. someones been getting a little too close

  3. j lo is a reprehsnsible person, but those boobs are extremely high quality

  4. What JLo really needs is a bra.

  5. (blurb)

    “Hey! If I paid for a separate computer for each one… THEY BETTER DANCE!!!”

  6. Stewie Griffin

    Does anyone really give a f*ck? What’s shocking is that this talentless bitch still has anything resembling a career.

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