Jennifer Lopez: Monster In Fur

May 2nd, 2005 // 40 Comments

Despite Jennifer Lopez’s love for fur, she probably found things a little chilly at the premiere of her new film Monster In Law, and at her recent appearance at The Tonight Show. PETA and Betsy the Beaver (Editor’s note: PETA is one of this site’s sponsors) have made Jennifer Lopez one of their main targets due to the singer/actress/dancer/designer’s love of fur.

The protesters, who included some people dressed in animal suits, complained that they have asked several times that Lopez eliminate fur from her clothing line, but have been ignored.

“She could make a difference in a positive manner, and what she does is cause the death of a lot of animals,” protester Linda Kraemer said during Friday’s demonstration in front of the National Theater in Westwood.

Lopez was asked what she thought of the protesters. “I don’t,” she replied as she headed into the premiere.

PETA Targets Jennifer Lopez Film Premiere [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tracy

    Why is Betsy the Beaver a fox?

  2. can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act and kills animals for her cheesy clothing line. why won’t she go away?

  3. Steve

    Because there’s a whole world full of chuckleheads that think this hack is fabulous.

  4. Tina

    I went to PETA’s website and read their information, but I still plan on owning several furs when I can afford it.

  5. Peta needs to build houses in Sri Lanka or Thailand. There has to be something better they can do w/ that money than printing posters of that ho.

  6. Ashley

    Ugh, I can’t stand PETA. People Eat Tasty Animals. :-)

  7. Deb

    PETA is not doing a good job with this campaign. If they’re going to focus on preventing animal cruelty, fine (for example, I don’t eat meat for ethical reasons). But they choose to focus on wearing fur, when more animals are harmed and suffer from their slaughter for food and for leather furnishings and apparel.

    Secondly, PETA’s protests are focusing too much on one individual , in this case, Jennifer Lopez. It sounds as if PETA is just looking for a way to diss Mrs. Anthony. Plentty of male rappers and athletes wear fur ,but nobody at PETA dares to approach them! Just recently, Snoop Dog entered & left the same building as J. Lo, being another Letterman show guest, and No One from PETA approached him or said one word to him about the fur jacket He was wearing! Outrageous..

    I have more admiration for Jenn Lopez because at least she is consistent. I will continue to see her movies and enjoy her dancing if I so desire. Attention: PETA, you have become irrelevant.

  8. Roxy

    Go to
    and view : “New fur investigation”.
    It’s only mins. of your time. Check it out!

  9. LoudLucky

    CRAZZY DEB!! they arent following Snoop for one good reason, if you had a half a pigs brain youd know this. HE DOESNT HAVE A CLOTHING LINE (THAT PROMOTES FUR)!!!!!!!!!! and for the stupid TINA, we are supposed to be thinking higher intelligent animals, who cares if you get some green and wear fur. I can think of prettier less cruel ways of looking beatiful. If a dead animal makes you feel pretty THEN YOU MUST BE ONE UGLY BEOTCH!

  10. LoudLucky

    WEARING DEAD ANIMALS IS DISCUSTING; TINA and DEB maybe we should skin you and wear your ugly skins to around town.

  11. beelp

    If wearing Fur makes you feel prettier than you must be U-G-L-Y! and DUH Tina they dont chase SNOOP cause’ he doesnt have a clothing line!!!! D-U-H. Maybe we should skin Deb and wear her.

  12. Deb

    I don’t wear fur.. Reread slowly if you think it might help.. I would like to see you deliver that same “maybe we’ll skin and wear you” battle cry to the male musicians and athletes who actually BUY & WEAR real furs. No One’s forcing them to – AND if they stopped purchasing, wearing and promoting fur on the Red Carpet – the designers and vendors would stop Selling them. Reread slowly if you think it might help.

    PETA apparently lacks the Courage to confront big-time celebrities, such as Snoop and Coby – as if they’re absolved of all Sin because they didn’t design and make it themselves! Oh come on now, you can do better than that !! Who do you think the kids emulate??

    You’re chicken because you know there would be sympathy for these very popular entertainers and athletes, and you don’t want to risk a Backlash! I understand a lot more than you think I do – and remember: popularity goes in cycles. You saw J-Lo as an easy target because her popularity tanked, but just wait. Already I’m hearing sympathetic comments in certain circles..

    Either you aim your sights on ANY celebrity who promotes wearing fur, or your organization comes off as disingenuous. And start cleaning up your language.. You can criticize without insulting people. This is not 1970.

  13. Melissa

    For those people who would question the use of fur in J.Lo’s clothing line named “Sweetface” please go to and view the graphic footage.

    We are targeting Lopez at many different events trying to educate more people on the use of fur.

    Before you judge the actions of PETA please visit the website.

    Thank you

  14. anti-jlo

    The most beautifull animals are being skinned alive just so she can have her fur coat, SHE’S NOT WORTH IT, NOBODY IS! stop her and help the innocent animals! can not believe she’s so self-centered… the most beautifull thing in the world is nature, and having repect for it.

  15. Cute lil animals taste like chicken

    OMG u ppl are hilarious, their animals. God put them on earth to serve mankind. sure u shouldn’t abuse them. but who gives a high flying flip? when human beings are starving in other countries. u wanna get all worked up about this junk. then get worked up about something that matters

  16. Jay

    Yo people! Firstly Deb you and Tina are absolute dirtbags. Cudnt agree more with Loud and Steve. Reckon we shud skin ur UGLY asses n parade ‘em around ya know.Think about these defenceless, loving, innocent, harmless fellas, why not let ‘em live their lives huh?
    Ya talk about insultin ya huh Deb, well u’re not even worth an INSULT, coz ya so suck.These big-ass male rappers dont endorse no clothin-line yo, u dig that huh? Thats what the basic diff is .

  17. Georgie

    OMG Tina, Deb and cute lil aninmals taste like chiken are absolut shitbags. Whot he fu(k do u think you are? I hope you are skinned alive oh and for that chicken taste good person they arent just animals, they have feelings and can be loved AND can love, unlike you ur just a sad ass if you think that skinning aniamls alive is hilarious WELL THEN YOU SHOULD TRY IT… fucking assholes!

  18. Sarah

    Well actually there are enough people in the world to help end cruelty.

    Peta concentrate on lots of different projects.

    There are other organisations devoted to other causes, that’s like saying why don’t child abuse organisations give their money to starving people in Africa?

    I am in Peta and peta does not tell us to go protest or anything, individuals do it. There are about 1 million people in peta, and you are only seeing a few. I write letters to the government and organisations, thats what most members do so don’t try and tell me I’m going about things the wrong way because I am not, educate yourself.

    And animals are not here to serve us, deflate that head of yours.

  19. Amanda

    jennifer Lopez is known within celebrity circles for being one hell of a bitch. The fur she chooses to wear, and promote fur, despite the fact that synthetic fur is just as warm and looks the same (but without the cruelty attached) and despite the fact that decades of advertising against fur has made MOST people with an ounce of compassion turn their backs on it SHOWS what a complete and utter bitch this ho is.

    Fuck her. Dont buy her records, or see her dumb ass movies…monster in fur – couldnt have said it better!!!!

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  22. FuQ

    I’ve got an idea…why don’t we skin Lopez while she’s still alive and leave the skin around her eyes left intact just like the video I saw on PETA with a fox being skinned. Then I can watch her blink and laugh at her.

  23. joe blow

    i hope tracy dies a horrible death

  24. smitty

    J. lo has worn fox fur eyelashes before. That’s so sickening. She is gross and sucks.

  25. Miller

    If anyone from the Chicagoland region is interested…there’s going to be a J Ho protest of her Shitface clothing line premiere at Marshall Fields (state street) on Thurs Sept 22nd from noon-1:30pm. I’m so there.

  26. Pfah

    Wow. It must be satisfying to be a self-righteous cunt, huh?

    When both sides vye for the bottom ground on Shit Hill, you can assume that the argument is more or less moot.

  27. arrow22

    Just what miu said…she’s a rotten sleaze. Hopefully someday she tries using the other end of her ass.

  28. Renee

    # Cute lil animals taste like chicken said:

    OMG u ppl are hilarious, their animals. God put them on earth to serve mankind. sure u shouldn’t abuse them. but who gives a high flying flip? when human beings are starving in other countries. u wanna get all worked up about this junk. then get worked up about something that matters

    Posted on June 26, 2005 04:38 AM

    Why dont u or YOU, learn how to fucking spell, and I am worried that U or YOU, need to worry about grammar and if you think its funny how people worry about these kind of things, I worry about ignorant people like U or YOU.

    Learn how to spell and stop trying to sound cool with your stupid, ignorant ass lack of speech.

    I would like to skin your ass, idiot!

    Jello (Jlo) sucks and has no talent. She is Jenny fromt the ” I have a big ass and cant sing ” block.

    Glad to see there are people out there who are smart enough to see that.

    And.. AND… while some rappers dont have their own clothing line, they DO support images of dog fighting which is against the law and is why Pit bulls are being banned now.

    Says a lot doesnt it??

    I aM SurE YoU ThiNK ThAts JUsT GrEAt don you?

    We need to ban idiots too…

  29. JohnPreston

    You why Deb and Ashley are so mad because they havent got it good in the ass in awhile!!

  30. sick of jlo

    has everyone lost their minds. jlo isn’t talent. she can not sing and she can’t act. she wears the furs of tortured animals and she never donates to anyone. she gets on tv and ask for you to donate to katrina and to help the children get insurance for them. what about the elderly that are homeless and the middle age people who lose their jobs. yes, health care is great but, when u are hungrey and homeless the last thing is on your mind is health care. she is just like every other star that makes millions. THE MONEY IS HERS AND SHE DOESNT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE WORKING PEOPLE. PEOPLEEEEEEEEE WAKE UP. everyone is giving their money to a women who cares nothing about no one but herself. i don’t see her letting homeless people live in one of her manions or donating her clothing line to help people. what in the hell is wrong with everyone. jlo doesn’t care about people (unless you are rich),WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU THINK SHE WOULD GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANIMALS. THEY DON’T MAKE HER MONEY SO KILL THEM TO MAKE HER LOOK GOOD. SHE WOULD KILL HER FANS TOO BUT THE FANS MAKE HER RICH. look it up everyone and tell me if you find anything on the entire internet about jlo helping the poor. the only one is about her and hubby wanting to help with health care but, it never said how much money she donated. i have searched and can’t find anything about her caring about anyone but her wallet. SHE SPENDS MORE ON A MINK COAT THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE IN A YEAR. PEOPLE ARE STARVING IN THE WORLD AND ANIMALS ARE DYING FOR COATS TO KEEP THE RICH WARM AND MOST OF THEM LIVE IN CALIFORNIA WHERE IT IS WARM. duh, i dont get it. it only has to be for fashion not because she is cold. i can’t stand her because of what she stands for (a selfish bitch). WAKE UP JENNIFER LOPEZ AND SMELL THE SENT OF DEAD ANIMALS AND HUNGER IN THE WORLD. GOD FORBID YOU CAN’T BUY ANOTHER MILLION DOLLAR MANSION.

  31. Joakim

    I think that J-Lo is the most beautiful woman in the world , but i just get mad at her when she wears fur , i think she looks good in fur , but i feel very sorry for the animals that is getting skinned alive.And i agree with “Deb” , PETA just disses J-Lo , but the dont care if other celebs wears fur , that’s not fair i think.

  32. Stinkypuppy1

    J.Lo needs to stop wearing little rabbits and foxes and START wearing WHALE & Elephant skin to cover her fat stinky Burritto ass!!!

  33. Nana

    I do not know why you get mad, they dont always kill animals to make their clothes, sometimes the animals are already dead.

  34. Nikita

    Jennifer Lopez should be ashamed of herself.
    She has said she is open to being educated, and she has been. She knows what happens to the animals, yet she still continues to wear their fur.
    I think she has no compassion.
    PETA is focusing on her because she has a fur clothing line (is that right?) and I dont think any (or many then) other celebrities do.
    She doesnt need fur to be happy and gorgeous.
    She doesnt need fur to have a successful clothing line.
    Why cant she wear faux fur instead, why cant everyone do that?
    Its just like real fur isnt it?
    But innocent animals dont get skinned alive for it so people can just flaunt themselves about.
    “Im wearing part of an animal”
    This is just something that disgusts me.
    I wouldnt even consider wearing fur.
    I wish Jennifer Lopez would open her ears and her eyes and actually feel some compassion for the animals.

  35. Anny

    skinning animals alive is the most disturbing thing i have ever seen in my whole life. Jennifer Lopez is a selfish bitch who doesnt give a fuck about anything else but herself. Animals spend 10 years in a cage where they cant even move!!! they watch as the other animals scream from the pain just so that jennifer lopez can use one fur coat n then throw it away!!!! Jennifer is using her money in the complete wrong ways, she can actualy make a change in the world but instead she chooses to make the lives of poor animals even worse!
    I love animals and thorough out my years i ahve come closer to all of them and realized they are amazing creatures. I have horses dogs cats all kinds of animals and they all mean a lot to me, none of them sdeserve to experience any of that pain that lopez puts them through. The thought of animals being hurt prevents me from sleeping at night, it makes me so fucking sick!! i dont htink jennifer has a real heart, i cannot believe a person would actually continue to wear fur after what she has seen, she is being a real bitch by just ignoring everything. How can a person like her sit on her fat ass everyday and not even think about how others suffer!! I used to like Jennifer i thought she was a normal person, but now she is one of the worst people i know, i cant believe there are people like her, and even worse!! its horrible that we live on a place like this!!
    In the future i hope that more people beome involved in preventing any kind of cruelty to not jsut animals but people aswell. I thank PETA for all their effort, you are the kind of people this worl needs! If people want fur i think that is fine in winter sometimes we need it to keep us warm! same goes with eating meat, people should eat meat we need it to survive. But animals should be treated like eveyone else and should not be killed in these inhumane ways. i really hope that the world improves and that there are more people with good hearts out there who will help. Maybe one day Jennifer will realize that is animals like her own pet dog that are being tortured. I just cant believe that she has her own pet, i mean how can she sit there with her dog and i mean it could be her dogs cousin that is being tortured right now!! she is jsut a horrible person in my opinion!!
    it doesnt jsut hurt the animals it hurts the people who lvoe them aswell!!! i have never been so sad in my whople life till i saw what these animals were goin through!!!! my life has changed completely!! i neva knew i was born in such a horrible world!!! if i had the money J.Lo had i would stry and make this a nice place, i would give all my money to childen who are starving or animals that are being tortured!!!

  36. Frederica Bimmel

    Yes. Jennifer Lopez must stop this terrible behavior. I am personally responsible for the liberation of over 150 poor, defenseless mink from a farm in Virginia. I have chosen one as my special partner. Each night we make sweet love using a carrot and only a warmed bottle of patchouli for lubricant. My butt feels real nice.

  37. hi there i have seen the animal geting tortured video and oh god its so horribal and i feel very sorry for them and i cant beleaive how these pepole who are in the video manich to do that but befor yesterday i was waching a show on E chanel that shows fashion desaters and the problems that fashion desainers and pepole who love wearing fur are faceing now a days so while i was waching the show they showed a seen where a women was walking wearing a fur jaket suddenly a man comes holding a seel and starts hitting her till she bleeded to death so what do u guys think is that a good thing to do or not.
    plz forgive me for my spelling and thank you

  38. Veronika

    I think that anyone who subscribes to the idiocy of the “animal rights” cult and this lunatic anti-fur hysteria needs to get a life and concern themselves with REAL issues that affect the lives of human beings. Fur is beautiful and I believe that anyone has the right to wear it if they choose to do so without being screamed at by a group of frustrated, pasty-faced mushy-brained fanatics. After all, it IS LEGAL!

  39. vicky

    I am absolutely disguised with J- Lo please go to the PETA website on the article under fur J-Lo the video shows a animal being skinned alive and lying helpless as the fur is ripped from its body. AND STILL ALIVE!
    As long as high profile celebrities like J-Lo wear these furs the market will continue.
    She may have the looks and money but she has no compassion!
    Let her visit a slaughter farm and see the pain and suffering these animals are going through just because she chooses to wear a dead animal

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