Jennifer Lopez: Monster In Fur

Despite Jennifer Lopez’s love for fur, she probably found things a little chilly at the premiere of her new film Monster In Law, and at her recent appearance at The Tonight Show. PETA and Betsy the Beaver (Editor’s note: PETA is one of this site’s sponsors) have made Jennifer Lopez one of their main targets due to the singer/actress/dancer/designer’s love of fur.

The protesters, who included some people dressed in animal suits, complained that they have asked several times that Lopez eliminate fur from her clothing line, but have been ignored.

“She could make a difference in a positive manner, and what she does is cause the death of a lot of animals,” protester Linda Kraemer said during Friday’s demonstration in front of the National Theater in Westwood.

Lopez was asked what she thought of the protesters. “I don’t,” she replied as she headed into the premiere.

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