Is Jennifer Lopez The Syle Icon Of The Decade?

Jennifer Lopez has had a fantastic week of outfits while promoting her new movie on the day and night talk shows. She even takes risks like this one sleeved glittery number she wore on Regis and Kelly before heading off in her Maybach. But is she the Style Icon of the Decade?

Us weekly bestowed the honor on the new mom and wouldn’t you know it, they got a cover story with the star and she’s coming to the magazines Hot Hollywood bash in LA on Thursday. None of that takes away from her moment in 2000 with that Versace dress and the lauded Armani Prive Oscar gown, and don’t get me wrong she looks good, but shouldn’t Style Icon of a whole decade inspire something more? Shouldn’t it be someone who people not only want to emulate, but when they do you know who they are inspired by, like when a person dresses like Audrey Hepburn?  This inspired me to make my own impromptu list, along with Jennifer Lopez and ask you how she stacks up. Unfortunately there’s only five spaces in the poll so I’m leaving a space for you to add in one of the many I missed. And yes there is also room to rip apart my mentions. Have fun!