JLO is Done with Smelly Dancers


Jennifer Lopez and her enormous pants are partnering up with Secret ® deodorant to hold a national dance contest. La Lopez is combing the nation, from New York to Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas, to find the “hottest female dancer” in the country to join JLO in an upcoming music video of hers.

“Secret’s Show Us Your Moves” dance contest is in celebration of the launch of Secret’s new campaign, ‘Because You’re Hot.’ The campaign, created by Leo Burnett Chicago, celebrates the different definitions of what makes a woman uniquely “hot,” such as confidence, femininity and strength.

Jennifer Lopez was selected because the brand believes that she epitomizes these qualities. I really, REALLY hope that during the judging process, a man dressed in a giant deodorant stick costume gets to say, in a British accent of course, to all of the losers, “I’m sorry, but you STINK!”

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