Jennifer Lopez Makes Crazy S&M Music Video

This video directed by David LaChapelle for J-Lo’s new single “Do It Well,” sounds insane! Here’s what I gathered from the NY Daily News:

For some reason, the kid is being held hostage in this kinky club. Enter J.Lo, kicking around bouncers the same way she wailed on that abusive husband in “Enough.”

Searching for her boy, she discovers a grimy place that resembles a Petland store run by the Marquis de Sade. Opening one door, she sees a dominatrix, dressed up as a cat, whipping a man in a mouse mask and underpants. He’s stretched out on a mousetrap. Behind another door is a giant hamster cage, where one woman trods an exercise wheel while another sucks water from a bell bottle.

I blame this all on her tiny bon-bon shaking husband, Marc Anthony. This whole video concept was probably his idea to fulfill some sick ass fantasy. Waiting for tonight, oh. When you will be here in my black latex covered arms.

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