Jennifer Lopez To Star In ‘Dallas’?

Yes, the film adaption of the classic TV soap Dallas, is set to come to the big screen. Jennifer Lopez is being looked at to play the part of Sue Ellen Ewing, the wife of J.R. Ewing (possibly to be played by John Travolta). I could see Ms. Lopez in the role of the boozy and conniving Sue Ellen, but do we really need a screen version of this?

That big-screen version of Dallas is inching closer to reality. Variety reports that the cast is starting to fill out — particularly in the backside, one might say, with Jennifer Lopez being offered the role of Sue Ellen Ewing (played by Linda Gray on the long-running CBS serial). Luke Wilson is in talks to play Bobby, and Shirley MacLaine is being eyed for Miss Ellie, while the most plum part, J.R. himself, is still earmarked for John Travolta (production on Dallas would begin in October, after he’s done filming Hairspray). You can practically hear Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson catfighting over the role of Lucy.

(Source: TV Guide)