Jennifer Hudson to Light American Idol’s Bed on Fire With American Idol in it


Jennifer Hudson is claiming American Idol “abused” her . Yeah, abused you right into a hit movie and an Oscar nomination! I wouldn’t take back the night just yet, honey.

“On American Idol, you go through this mental thing; you’ve got to get yourself back together. You’ve been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think,” Hudson, 25, tells the new issue of Essence.

“You become a character – I became the girl in the turkey wrapping.” (On one episode, she wore an unflattering outfit that earned that label.) “I just knew I had to sing my way out of it. I don’t believe in looking back, and I didn’t look back.”

I wish I actually watched American Idol so I could have seen that outfit, it sounds like it was amazing. Jennifer went on to say that there is no feud with Beyonce and that they totally “clicked” from day one. And something about how her and Beyonce have a similar mole on their necks. I guess that’s clickage. She’s a shoe-in for an Oscar despite being an average actress that shined becaue she was the best thing in a crap movie. But that means American Idol can crow about it, and will be on for the next jillion years. By then, Paula will be judging from a wheelchair. Not because she’s old. But because she’s very high.

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