Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle Impromptu Duet at GLAAD Media Awards

Wayne Ford here, just minutes after the end of the 18th GLAAD Media Awards show in New York. I have to apologize for the crappy shots in this post. They were taken with my tiny camera, as I wasn’t sure I could bring the “big guns” into the actual show–and no, I don’t mean the pythons I regularly smuggle within my sleeves. That’s right, folks, I’m yoked and digressing horribly. My red carpet shots are great, but you’ll have to wait until Thursday when you’ll be treated to some amazing pictures of Patti LaBelle, Hilary Duff, Tom Ford, Rosie O’Donnell, and many more. Also, expect some hot red-carpet interviews with Rosie (kind of), Kate Clinton, John Waters, Melrose & Milan, as well as others too NUMEROUS TO MENTION! Get excited!

For now, though, let’s get back to these crappy pictures. The last 15 minutes of this show were priceless. Bless Jennifer’s ever-loving heart, she was clearly unable to read the prompter, which evoked exclamations of “Yeah, Effie can’t read!” and “Woah, woah! Slow that thing down!” culminating with a rescue from Miss Patti, who informed JHud to “speak from her heart.” It was around this point that Jennifer’s attempt to honor Patti with the Excellence in Media Award quickly turned into an impromptu J-Hud tribute, courtesy of Lady Marmalade.

Some choice gems from the mouth of Ms. LaBelle are after the jump.

“When I saw this heifer (out of love, of course) coming out, she killed everybody. They said Beyonce who?”
“She is our new woman!”
“I didn’t know you were so nice! I thought you were gonna be a bitch!”
“I see me in you.”

And then, out of nowhere, they began a spontaneous duet, causing all the gays to faint. Luckily, I had anticipated such an amazing moment and had brought my smelling salts, tucked carefully away in my secret gay pouch.

[UPDATE: Keith Boykin somehow got better seats than me and therefore has better photos. Maybe I should write a couple books, host some shows, speak across the nation, and be an aid to a president. Whatever.]