Jennifer Hudson And Andre Leon Talley Threw Down Over That Horrifying Oscar Bolero Jacket

February 27th, 2007 // 18 Comments


Remember that little jacket Jennifer Hudson had on Sunday night on the red carpet? The shiny one? Yeah, to her credit – she wasn’t thrilled about wearing it . But fashion terrorist Andre Leon Talley was all up in her face about it.

Jennifer Hudson, did win big – but lost big, too, because of the much ridiculed metallic bolero Andre Leon Talley made her put on. (Post fashion editor Serena French said it made her look “lost in space.”) “Jennifer was kind of sponsored by Talley and Vogue,” said one fashionista. “Andre insisted she wear that hideous Oscar de la Renta dress with the awful, awful gold python bolero.

“Jennifer really didn’t want to, and so [noted stylist] Jessica Paster got her a beautiful gold Roberto Cavalli custom-made. But when Andre found out, he went ballistic. Moments before she left for the show, there was a power struggle and Jennifer ended up putting his outfit on.”

“Gold python bolero”? Stop right there, Andre. Say that out loud. Gold. Python. Bolero. No, you don’t wear that. It’s bad enough you put her ass in a dress with pockets. A dress with pockets means you don’t need a beautiful clutch to carry! What’s the point? This is the Oscars! It’s about the friggin’ accessories! And a gold python bolero is not the accessory you want to be seen with. You might as well wear clown shoes or the dress Sally Kirkland wore.

By J. Harvey

  1. nanners

    I had no problem with the dress but that Gold Python Bolero(!) was so bad it almost seems like he was sabotaging her.

  2. margaretta

    Ah, but isn’t every little fairyfart talking about that jacket though…hmmm.

  3. Cactus Head

    Whatevs…she looked great, and she won.

  4. Lisa

    The dress was nice, the jacket awful!!

  5. LR

    I think she looks fantastic with or without the jacket

  6. Kelly Rummelhart

    I guess when you get to wear dresses that are more than most people make in a year for FREE (like most the stars for awards events) you can’t complain.

    I was okay with the dress (although pockets are cool for lipgloss but girl, get your hands out of them when you’re taking pics! Yes, we get it your dress is so great it has pockets, Next!)

  7. sandy

    That was a “dress” Kirkland wore? I thought it was a multi-colored parachute???

  8. max

    margaretta said:

    Ah, but isn’t every little fairyfart talking about that jacket though…hmmm.

    Posted on February 27, 2007 10:00 AM

    Hmm, are you referring to yourself, Ms HomoPHOBE?

  9. silvarga

    Andre Leon Tal… Wait, didn’t he co-star in “Mannequin”?

    I agree this could have been sabotage. Talley is probably a huge fan of the original Dreamgirls stage production and this could be his version of payback for the Hollywood snub of the original “Effie”.

    But that jacket is unforgivable and Andre Leon Talley should be made to stand before a jury for his crimes. If found guilty, he should be made to wear slacks from Sears and a mid-90′s polyester-lycra blend soccer refferee shirt, and sentenced to serve as a style columnist for the National Enquirer, all for 2-5 years.

    Frankly, I’d like to see a Law and Order episode developed about this…

  10. Cory

    margaretta said:
    Ah, but isn’t every little fairyfart talking about that jacket though…hmmm.

    Posted on February 27, 2007 10:00 AM

    Honey chil’, you kill me. So funny. SO FUNNY. You should be in standup with Michael Richards, you two would make a killing.

  11. CallMeBoiWonder

    I dunno about the rest of you, but I wouldn’t be inclined to take fashion advice from a guy whos dressed like a villain from Candyland.

  12. Etienne

    Someone should probably punch Talley’s teeth into a more aligned position for putting that girl into that hideous atrocity. Seriously, why would anyone (who isn’t headless) let him make style decisions on his/her behalf?

  13. joeyjoey73

    It just sucks that on what was probably the most thrilling night of this girl’s life, this bitchy queen tries to pull some sort of fictional rank (honey, NO ONE is more important than the nominees on Oscar night) and take her to task for not wearing his fugly outfit.

    I hope she reminded him of that photo of his ball-sack hanging out that was taken at some runway show a few years ago.

    By the way, if I heard him refer to J-Hud as “the people’s princess” one more time during that retchid half-hour of ABC pre-Oscar crap, I was going to hurl my drink right into the damn flat panel. Stop trying to make “people’s princess” happen, Andre, it’s not going to.

  14. Mindy

    Wow – now I understand why he was raving about her dress in the pre-show…

    I am glad she chose to ditch the jacket when she accepted the award… the dress was lovely without the jacket.

  15. That’s what she gets for taking fashion advice from some bozo wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie.


  16. nic

    I really liked the dress. The pockets aren’t really that big of a deal, in my opinion. Some women could use pockets because they have no idea what to do with their hands.

    As for the jacket, I don’t think it looked as bad as everyone is saying. I bet it will be a complete non-issue next year when you see it in some of the top designer collections. Next year, it will be the thing to have.

  17. anon

    No offense but Andre, anna, and Annie Liebowitz (sp?) don’t know what to do with regular sized girls. She should really stay away from them if she wants to look good. They can’t work chic on anyone larger than an size 4. There are limitations to their talents or they’re secretly sabotaging her.

  18. Shut up already. She is beautiful and talented. The jacket it not that bad and I am tired of hearing about it. Talk about something that matters.

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