Jennifer Hudson And Andre Leon Talley Threw Down Over That Horrifying Oscar Bolero Jacket


Remember that little jacket Jennifer Hudson had on Sunday night on the red carpet? The shiny one? Yeah, to her credit – she wasn’t thrilled about wearing it . But fashion terrorist Andre Leon Talley was all up in her face about it.

Jennifer Hudson, did win big – but lost big, too, because of the much ridiculed metallic bolero Andre Leon Talley made her put on. (Post fashion editor Serena French said it made her look “lost in space.”) “Jennifer was kind of sponsored by Talley and Vogue,” said one fashionista. “Andre insisted she wear that hideous Oscar de la Renta dress with the awful, awful gold python bolero.

“Jennifer really didn’t want to, and so [noted stylist] Jessica Paster got her a beautiful gold Roberto Cavalli custom-made. But when Andre found out, he went ballistic. Moments before she left for the show, there was a power struggle and Jennifer ended up putting his outfit on.”

“Gold python bolero”? Stop right there, Andre. Say that out loud. Gold. Python. Bolero. No, you don’t wear that. It’s bad enough you put her ass in a dress with pockets. A dress with pockets means you don’t need a beautiful clutch to carry! What’s the point? This is the Oscars! It’s about the friggin’ accessories! And a gold python bolero is not the accessory you want to be seen with. You might as well wear clown shoes or the dress Sally Kirkland wore.