Jennifer Garner’s Skimpy Panties

March 30th, 2009 // 13 Comments

Bless her heart, this picture of Jennifer Garner‘s underwear pulling apart from the elastic as she picks up her daughter Violet Affleck from school only makes me like her more. It just makes you realize that this one definitely does not have a nanny.

The mother of two probably grabbed the first pair of underpants she could find in the drawer this morning while running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get her kiddos ready this morning.

That said, however, she might want to consider getting a little help from someone who can hook a sister up with some new panties. Or maybe hire a panty stylist. I’m sure they exist. It is Hollywood, after all.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Garner picks up her daughter Violet Affleck from school.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lulubelle

    You go, Jennifer. Clearly, anyone who
    talks like its easy to raise kids n take care of urself, has no kids of her own

  2. Shannon

    All chicks know that it is the tattered (by laundry) undies that are the comfiest. It’s hard to throw the comfies away.

    I praise Jen for going with comfort and having 2 girls under the age of 5.

  3. mojoman

    Aww, this is the reason why I like her even more too. When it comes to being a mom, tattered undies are the least of her problems..

  4. Pippi

    JEN ROCKS! Home girl is the bomb. GOd I love this woman. She is amazing.

  5. Zekers

    Can you imagine Hollywood if everyone were like Jennifer? It would be…real!
    I agree, she rocks!
    Also agree with the “comfies,” they are the best!

  6. Kiki

    This is above and beyond.. the freaking photog probably has stinking skidmark underwear on himself..

    Get the hell out of the woman’s pants for crying out loud.

    I feel so badly for her, but at the same time I feel like she is the realest woman in Hollywood. She takes care of her kids herself just like most women in America.

    I love you even more Jen.

  7. T-Bone

    Gotta be Victoria’s Secret underwear. WHY? Cuz they fall apart after one washing. Seriously, you have to hand-wash all that stuff, preferably with Woolite.

  8. Zekers

    @ T-Bone: Hahahahahaha!

    It’s true though, same with their bras…

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