Jennifer Garner’s Ring Drama

Jen and Ben are so cute. He constantly showers Jennifer with gifts, and she’s very appreciative. She now just has to learn to stop playing with gifts that she shouldn’t be playing with.

She explains “I was getting ready to go to the premiere of “Catch and Release” and the hair’s going here and the make-up’s going there and I was playing with this ring that Ben gave me for the birth of the child. “You get a ring now or something wonderful, he’s very generous. So he gave me this beautiful diamond ring and I was playing with it and it fell onto the ground and it fell into the drain under the ice-maker. “A plumber had to come while I’m getting ready to go and dismantle the thing from under the house – and he found it! A happy ending!”

Yes, we all know that Ben Affleck is generous. After all, he did give Jennifer Lopez a Rolls Royce.

Garner Shocked By Diamond Ring Drama [contactmusic]