Jennifer Garner Talks about Last Year’s Fainting Spells

During filming of her latest movie, “The Kingdom,” Jennifer Garner often found herself feeling faint to the point of exhaustion. She recently explained that the heat from the Arizona desert, combined with her production schedule and the fact that she was still breast-feeding her daughter, Violet, had her body chemistry all out of whack.

“I succumbed to the heat a couple times. I was still breast feeding my baby and everything your body needs, all the electrolytes goes to the baby, and so my system was all screwed up and I had heat stroke. And that happened to me twice.

“They gave me an I.V. and filled me back up and sent me back out!”

And in case you’re wondering how she’s dropped her post-baby weight, I’m guessing it has to do with carrying her little girl around everywhere. I know, I know, she’s just being a good mom, but seriously, the minute my kids can walk, they’re going to be pushing ME around in a wheelchair. Because I want them to learn from an early age what it feels like to have the sweet sting of sweat in their eyes that can only come from a hard day’s work. It builds character. Or so I’ve been told–I’ve never done an honest day’s worth of work in my life.


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