Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Take Out Violet

January 25th, 2006 // 6 Comments

The new mother finally appears. She’s been laying low since she gave birth to little Violet (you can see a glimpse of her in the bottom right hand photo). She phoned in to the Martha Stewart show for her first post-pregnancy interview.

Garner, a longtime fan of the homemaking ex con, agreed to schedule a phone in with the TV presenter as part of her “Martha” show. The “Alias” star, who is married to Ben Affleck, said that baby Violet is “pretty beautiful,” and her husband is “way into fatherhood, really loving it.”

Garner also revealed that her dog, Martha Stewart, has struggled to come to terms with the new arrival. She jokingly confessed, “Martha Stewart had a rough time. She’s been a little jealous but they’ve made peace.”

Is naming your dog Martha Stewart a compliment?

Jennifer Garner Does Baby Talk on Martha Stewart’s Show [Post Chronicle]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jess

    I love these two.
    I’m sure their daughter is indeed ”Very beautiful”

    I don’t want to ruin the moment, but I would really like to know what JLO thinks about this, really!

  2. melisa

    they are so cute…:)

  3. he should of had kids with j.lo – they would of had more “flavor” – right now, can someone say BLAND.

  4. stevienixed

    We have the same buggy. Yeah, I know, pathetic. :)

  5. doofus

    to jess…

    from what I’ve heard (take ALL gossip/rumor with a grain of salt!), J. Lo is actually being quite big about all of this.

    she’s said things to the effect of “I’m very happy for them” and “I wish them the best” and I heard she even sent little Violet a baby gift, as well as one for the new mom.

    either she’s mellowing or she didn’t want ANOTHER story in the press about what a bitch she is, so she did the proper thing.

  6. Marcy Friedman

    So cute. The baby looks like Jen. The whole family looks like a well mannered couple.

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