Jennifer Garner Gives Renee Zellweger Some Advice

October 3rd, 2005 // 11 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Krystyn

    I saw Bennifer there, I didn’t notice Renee McSquinty though.

    Robert Redford was at Fenway on Friday night.

  2. Princess

    Why all the negative comments against Kenny? Did anyone ever think that Renee is in the wrong? I mean she not perfect by any means.

  3. Marnie

    Jen tells her to hurry up and get pregnant by a former A-list doughhead. That way, you’ll be semi-relevant in Hollywood for at least 18 years…more if you have a great publicist and even greater legal cousel!!!

  4. Andy W

    You’re right Princess, she’s a sweaty puffy coke whore.

  5. Johnny Chicago

    Renee is your Hollywood typical coke whore who married a southern fried faggela – whatever happened to fucking your partner first? – and NOW she wants an annulment? Dumb bitch!

    Jennifer Garner only got the pudgy white boy from Boston because he knows his plugs WILL fall out eventually and he can’t go back to being gay on the DL. Are we really sure it’s HIS baby?


  6. ell

    Renee thought Kenny was a female, and found out he’s actually a male, thats why she calls it fraud!!

  7. mischa

    Why the hell is she wearing shades?? She has no eyes.

  8. Krystyn

    How come every man in Hollywood is gay? Seriously. Ben is not gay. Yes, he’s a bit pudgarific, but he’s not gay.

    And how come that smacks of a middle school insult? You are such a gaylord!

  9. shar

    Nice Mischa… my thoughts exactly.

  10. guest-m

    did anyone notice renee’s 5 chins? ok so its a bit exageratted but that 2nd shot her neck/chin area looks awful… there is not one thing on renee i find remotly attractive not when she is fatter skinner or ‘normal’ weight… BTW WTF is normal?

  11. shalln

    her neck looks old!

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