Jennifer Crisafulli Update

October 6th, 2004 // 1 Comment

Apparently Jennifer is shocked that she was fired from her real job.

“I’m so hurt by it all,” she tearfully told The Post, moments after learning she had been officially canned. “My life has just made a 180-degree turnaround — I’m in shock.” [via NYP]

Her former coworkers had many things to say about Jennifer.

She had a stint at Spin Magazine

She was basically an office nightmare,” said one, who remembers the curvaceous brunette showing up in lacy, cleavage-baring black tops and gabbing about parties.

“She was loud and obnoxious,” said another, who worked with her later. “She would come into the room, and everyone would roll their eyes.”

Nonetheless, she quickly moved to a full-time photo-editing position. Some said that was due to her close rapport with Spin editor Bob Guccione Jr. — which earned her the nicknames “The Gucc Pooch” and “The Spin-tern” around the magazine world.

She sounds like a dream, doesn’t she?

Elliman sources told The Post last week: “It wasn’t just the [Jewish] remark . . . It was how bad she looked in general.” Her now-infamous comment on “The Apprentice,” when she lashed out at two restaurant customers, calling them “old Jewish fat ladies,” didn’t surprise some former work colleagues who say she often seemed to speak without thinking.

Maybe “The Gucc Pooch” can rekindle what she once had with Bob. Maybe not.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Interesting her co-workers often thought she spoke without thinking. Can we have a count on how many times she was either asked to “shut up!” or reprimanded for talking to much by Mr Tump (I belive his comment was something to the extent of “can’t you EVER keep your mouth shut?”). I bet she got a lot of detentions in school for talking in class……

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