Jennifer Crisafulli Fired From The Apprentice And Real Job

September 30th, 2004 // 16 Comments

Uber-bitch Jennifer Crisaulli gets fired twice. First by Donald Trump, for doing a shitty job at leading (and for not being able to shut up). Then the good folk at Douglas Elliman fired her over her ridiculous remarks that she made to Stacey R. [via Curbed]

Aren’t these people self-aware enough that they are being filmed. What an idiot. Good riddance.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. George

    What exactly are your sources for this? Google shows nothing…not even gawker or defamer…. What am I missing here? Really almost all of the apprentice cast needs to be fired including Mr. Trump. What an ass. He fires somebody who literally was confident of his work on a project and everybody agreed he did a good job…simply because he was willing to give up his earned exemption because he knew he did a good job. Yeah nothing like firing earned confidence.

  2. curious

    what were the anti-semitic comments? i can’t find anything about what she actually said.

  3. jessie

    i watched the show on wednesday… and after jen c made the comment to stacy r about the “two old jewish bags” (who’d apparently complained about the restaurant decor and food), i turned to my boyfriend and said “this is going to make the papers, and that little freak stacy r is going to make a huge deal about the jewish thing”. because that is the way those things are handled, per my experience. i don’t think jen c meant anything other than venting a little frustration. and seriously, trump better fire that stacy r retard fairly soon, or i’m going to start to have serious questions about his mental state. long live bradford!!

  4. curious

    i’m sorry but, that is a huge deal. what if she had called them “two old black bags”? i’m glad that i now know what she said, i’ll jump on the i hate Jen C. bandwagon. there are tons of ways to criticize people without picking on their race or religion. find another one.

  5. cherry

    well george… i guess that [Via curbed] means her source was Curbed. She puts her source below every article.

  6. budderberry

    how would she like it if somebody said she looked like white trash…cuz she does. what’s up with that hair? crossing fingers Maria goes next…no, make that the self-hating korean

  7. George


    You got to this late I guess. Miu actually forgot to put the source in the original posting. She did correct it and emailed me. No harm no foul.

  8. foreigner

    Well, I am Hungarian and I have never seen the reality show, however, when I read the related article in Hungarian, I checked, whether the translation was right or not. It was easy to detect the proper quotation. I have found it on many sites. Allow me one remark: always look for European media. Either of them will do, BBC for instance. They are less liable to exaggerate and they are not so afraid of lawyers. Moreover, written press is far more better.

    So, see the controversial statement below.

    “It was those two old, Jewish fat ladies,” she told teammates. “Really. They were like the pinnacle of the New York jaded old bags.”

    It is undisputed, that this is a displeasing utterance. To link one’s race or origin with his features or attributions is insolent, outrageous and stupid. Nevertheless it is not illegal. And, as a matter of fact, it is not anti-semitic, as well. Jews call themselves Jews. If you intend to define a character, you may use his nationality or race to restrict the description. For example, George Soros featured himself as an American businessman who has Hungarian origin and Jewish ascendants.
    How could anyone describe the variety of the Asian people without mentioning their nationality? Or should we call them simply slit-eyed yellows? Because slit-eyed is definitely harsh, however, it is apposite to characterize a Japanese for a Caucasian. After all,
    “Japanese” is a better modification and more polite, of course.
    Certainly, Jewish people are sensitive because of the indignities they have passed through the centuries. It is also obvious, that the attendee meant the utterance insolent. However, the freedom of speech is constitutional right. If Miss Crisafulli violated the law or other’s feelings, she can be sued. This is what civil court is for.
    It is very piteous and sorrowful that the continuous litigations led the American firms to be in dread of any statement or position made by their employees. Though I am not American, I perceived it, because I worked for one of the largest tobacco manufacturer. Look at this idiomatic phrase, “one of the largest”! They are the market leaders, but they are afraid to declare it. This is what I am talking about.

  9. WHAT THE?

    Ummm, what the %$#& is foreigner talking about?

  10. foreigner

    I lived for 20 years in a strange regime called the living socialism. You could lose your job for one wrong word. So I have learned to appreciate free deliverance. It may be incomprehensible for you.
    Nowdays trying to be politically correct in the US means tough censure and self-censure. That is the %$#& I was talking about.

  11. morgan

    you are smart. *gives you a dollar*

  12. Carolyn

    I agree that the comment was inappropriate, but to call it anti-semitic it a little much. Plus, Jen is half-jewish herself! i feel bad for her. so much for a career making opportunity.

  13. jeffro

    Foriegner, I hope you are not suggesting that Jen’s company had no right to fire her. If you have lived in a socialist society then you must understand that capitalism requires companies to make decisions that will not hurt their profitablity. To keep someone in a sales position who made anti-semitic remarks in front of millions of people on national TV would be harmful for business at best, suicidal at worst. Whether her intent was in fact anti-smeitic is irrelevant. In America, just as one has the freedom to make an ass of onesself, one also has the freedom to take the consequenses. She’s not in trouble with the government, she’s in trouble with her friggin’ boss. You know, the guy who signs her PAY CHECK? He has the responsibility to do what he thinks is best for his company regardless of bleeding heart sympathies. The BBC Unbiased? I see crack is a problem in Eroupe too.

  14. Snuffy

    The BBC is definitely biased. And this chick is hot, she should be let off the hook.

  15. foreigner

    Jeffro, thanks for the constructive remarks. I hope I know what capitalism is. In my country, there was one of largest privatizations in the world. Now, I as the citizen of the European Union and as an economist, I am learning the notion.

    Sorry, I might have been ambiguous. The problem is not with the firm, or with the one who signs the check. There is a huge controversy whitin your society. Certainly, Miss C. might have lost many liberal or Jewish clients because of her personal opinion, however, it would have turned out soon. If sellings were decreasing, she could have been fired. Nevertheless, they could have been increasing, as well (theoretically, rightists or anti-semitic people could have bought those luxury condos specifically from her, because she was thought anti-semitic).

    But that was not the point. The heart of the matter was, that Douglas Elliman was not waiting for any consequences. The were frightened by the chimaerae of trials. Continuous litigation results in unstable business environment and the total absence of legal certainty which can lead to threatened citizens and companies who will bound themselves without any legally binding verdicts.

    When I worked for the market leader tobacco manufacturer, the company lawyer was appointed to the position of the vice president in the US. That was the beginning of the end of the world – top dogs said in Lausanne (European headquarters, Switzerland).

    As regards BBC you are right, there are problems. However, I suppose the situation is still better in Europe. Maybe, it is because Europe is not as united as the US. And the media is still more provincial, not so centralized, as it is in your country.

  16. umair

    i think the girl didnt make a mistake, she has a free right to say what she wants to even though it was just frustration.
    as far as comparing it to her calling the two ladies ‘two black far ladies’ let me remind everyone that in season1 of the apprentice omarosa was called black just to make her shutup by one of the contestants and she clearly took offence on that. however, in that case nothing was done about it even though that was clear racisim .
    the fact of the matter is that jews run politics and media of america.
    half of president bushes cabinet is jewish includeing the deputy defence secretary, the treasurer, and 7 undersecretaries.
    Though this might seem alarming but the fact of the matter is jews , just like everyone else look out for their own interest.
    Its just a shame their interest is’nt americas interest but quite the opposite. dragging america to war in iraq, the death of 1500 american soldiers and the utter loss of these families.

    now label me a anti-semite as you always do for expressing my freedom of speech. the fact is that the jewish group is the most politically influential group in america because of their massive ownership in the media, from the influential the new york times to the washington post to time warner-cnn,aol.

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