Jennifer Can Dress reports that Jennifer Lopez has been numbered amongst Harper’s Bazaar’s best dressed. Jenny will be lurking on the cover of the December issue. She was among 54 other trend-setters, social climbers, and full-on victims.

“I love the fantasy that fashion brings; it can make you aspire to a better life, like it did to me,” said Lopez. “Though people might make fun of some of my outfits, I hope — and I think — they respect the fact that I love fashion, and I go out and do it.”

Occasionally, Ms. Lopez can look smokingly hot and I can respect what she rocks. At one awards show a couple of years ago – she was rocking this kinda Bonnie & Clyde number that I thought was terribly cute. But lately? She looks like she’s playing Momma in a dinner theatre production of “Throw Momma From The Train”. There’s a lot of tweed turbans and gray hair and way too much body coverage. What happened to the girl who showed off her midriff and boobies in that green and blue stunner back when she was fleeing gunshots in clubs with Puffy? Now she looks like she’s got her handicapped sister chained upstairs and she’s feeding her fried rats.

Written by J. Harvey

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